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We strongly believe in continuous improvement processes, as that compliments and complaints are the fuel for change. We also believe that improving our service is only possible if it is based on the opinion and evaluation of those who visit us and entrust us with the mission of welcoming people.

If a problem or situation arose that affected your stay, we would appreciate it if you let us know so that we can immediately remedy the problem. However, if everything went well and we are a mandatory return point, all positive reviews will be welcome, as there is no better motivation to take a risk than a positive review from someone we know.


Logotipo e marca do Livro de Elogios

As the Book of Compliments is an instrument of citizenship at the service of the consumer, this is a new way for the consumer – as a true market agent – to actively contribute to the improvement and growth of our organization.

Compliments/suggestions contribute to the performance of our services becoming even better!


Logotipo e marca do Livro de Reclamações

This reproduction of the Portuguese Complaints Book in electronic format constitutes a measure of the “SIMPLEX + 2016” program, which involves the General Directorate of Consumer Affairs and the regulatory entities of the different sectors of activity.

Here you can submit your complaint related to the services provided.

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