Campo do Rosmaninho

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Vista abstrata do Court de Padel do Campo do Rosmaninho
Atletas no court de Padel do Campo do Rosmaninho

Did you know that…
We have the first Padel Court in Castelo Branco? Yes, that’s true!

The percentage of players who repeat after their first time is between 80 and 90%? Yes, it’s also true!

We have a court, we have free parking, we have a bar, we have changing rooms, we have rackets and we also have balls…

Only you are missing!
Come on and try it!

Rede do court de Padel do Campo do Rosmaninho

Join our community and come give it a try!

Since its inauguration, Campo do Rosmaninho has been bringing together a large community of Padel practitioners. To join and participate, simply click on one of the buttons below.

In addition to the community, we provide direct access to our booking calendar on the Playtomic platform where, in addition to times and availability, you can occasionally find information such as tournaments, classes and other content relevant to practitioners.

Bola perdida no Campo do Rosmaninho com o court de Padel no fundo